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After the collapse of the hotel in Quanzhou, several hotel groups launched a security self-inspection

Date: 2020-03-14

How to prevent such accidents from happening again becomes a problem that industry operators and hotel owners must think about.

The collapse of the hotel in Quanzhou has brought safety warnings to the industry. To this end, many hotel groups have also carried out self-inspection of franchised owners. On March 12, a number of hotel groups responded to reporters from the Beijing Commercial Daily. After the hotel collapse in Quanzhou, the hotel group analyzed the specific reasons at the regular internal safety meeting and emphasized that franchise owners must not alter the hotel building structure without authorization. Will cooperate with relevant departments to carry out self-inspection. According to industry insiders, in recent years, as the competition in the hotel industry has become increasingly fierce, in order to increase profits, some owners have made unauthorized changes to the building, ignoring the safety of the hotel's building structure, hoping that the hotel collapse accident will bring the industry's alert and avoid this This type of accident happened again.

In response to the hotel collapse accident, the relevant person in charge of Huazhu Hotel Group revealed that after the accident, Huazhu Group also mentioned the matter at the regular internal management meeting and emphasized the safety of hotel operations. At the same time, some areas have begun Cooperate with government self-examination. Relevant person in charge of Green Hotel Group also said that during the recent training meeting within the group, specific emphasis was placed on the aspects of property renovation and refurbishment safety, and required Green Hotel's design standards department to The engineering department will assist in the design and construction guidance of the drawings. If the hotel designs itself, it must also pass the design department's review. "Especially for the renovation of old properties, we basically use the original room layout, only update the surface decoration materials, and do not destroy the original house structure." Green Hotel Group official said.

According to BTG Home Inns, in the fast pace of development, the safety of guests is always the first, whether it is daily health and safety, food safety, information security, and even hotel building security. Since 2018, BTG Home Inn has successively conducted a large-scale structural safety inspection of self-operated hotels in operation across the country. At the same time, the company commissioned a professional structural reinforcement company, and mobilized 600 national project managers to cooperate, and conducted a comprehensive investigation of the nearly 1,000 stores that had been opened in three batches.

According to the latest news on March 12, the preliminary investigation of the collapsed hotel in Quanzhou is that there was a serious problem in the construction, renovation, approval and other aspects of the Xinjia Hotel involved in the collapse. On the same day, Pei Wentian, director of the Department of Safety and Basic Affairs of the Emergency Management Department, said at a press conference that as of 11.12 on March 12, the search and rescue work at the site of the collapse of the Xinjia Hotel in Quanzhou had basically ended, resulting in 29 deaths.

The impact of this accident on the industry is undoubtedly heavy, and how to prevent such accidents from happening again has become a problem that industry operators and hotel owners must think about. A staff member responsible for the management of the engineering department of the hotel group told the hotel that it is important to conduct safety inspections of hotel buildings on a regular basis and to prepare a house safety plan in advance. The staff member also said that the frequency of investigation will be different according to the location of the hotel. For the hotel in the earthquake zone, the safety of the building structure must be checked once every six months to one year. After the problem is found, the house must be reinforced to prevent future troubles. At the same time, the owner of the hotel should not construct the building illegally for immediate benefit. If the building is to be transformed, a professional design institute or the original design unit of the building must be evaluated for carrying capacity before making a decision.