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'Wen brigade fusion, opportunities for Asia' 2018 Asian tourism conference held in Shanghai

Date: 2018-09-15

On September 14, 2018 by the famous Chinese financial media "21st century business herald, a joint top domestic tourism institution nankai university school of tourism and service the host, south of finance and economics entire media group, modern tourism development of collaborative innovation center to guide the scope of the" 2018 Asian tourism industry conference "held baohua marriott hotel in Shanghai.

"21st century business herald to begin, the leading domestic consumption investment platform to invite industry organizations, experts, accommodation high-level representatives of enterprises and investors, is" text brigade of the era of accommodation industry new thinking "this one theme, focusing on the text brigade integration under the background of industrial transformation, discusses in the new era of opportunities and challenges, how to promote a new round of development of industry innovation ability and guests to the industry in a great feast.

As the "2018 annual meeting of Asian tourism industry" the important points of BBS, the hotel industry in the 21st century peak BBS will be "text brigade of the era of accommodation industry new thinking" as the main issues, according to the present tourism trend, released 2018 Chinese tourist lodging industry development report, to deconstruct the future great accommodation new challenges and opportunities, to discuss article brigade of accommodation industry investment logic, wen brigade opportunity hotel group under the new competitive strategy and accommodation + new play how to define the industry in the future.

Southern of finance and economics entire media group deputy chief editor, editor-in-chief of 21 company Deng Gonghui on behalf of the organizers of the welcome speech.In 2018, the hotel industry there are more and more critical with the home stay facility and boutique hotels, the standardization of these products break through the traditional hotel design and services, more personalized, and even a clock in specially attract tourists travel destination.Various IP and cultural content do not merge with the lodging industry, culture and tourism of the expression is constant innovation.

The BBS to text brigade of the era of accommodation industry new thinking as the theme, in addition to the usual focus on housing development trends, investment and investment opportunities, will pay more attention to culture in tourism, in the midst of the lodging industry's role, and break the traditional culture plays, use the thinking mode of traditional economy, strive to explore the way of cultural and tourism real integration development.