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Special Zhao Jie pipa solo concert in Shanghai held successfully

Date: 2014-11-07

On October 12, 2014, famous youth pipa performer, central academy of music teachers Zhao Jie solo concert tour in Shanghai music institute accessorial middle school held a grand hall, hosted by the department of central academy of music folk music, Shanghai music institute accessorial middle school folk music subject, nanjing college of art college of music instruments, such as art school in lianyungang to undertake.Industry experts and college leaders, experts, students present, together to listen to the gluttonous feast of pipa art.
New work is a highlight of the concert.Rhyme "mountain dance", "string", "the point" music in terms of subject, content and skills, to present the new development of pipa art.Traditional culture art element freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese style of writing, deduce plucked strings of infinite change, great use of difficult playing techniques and artistic imagination free interpretation of reflected Zhao Jie as contemporary good pipa musician, has been to the modern new music exploration and pursuit of the spirit of constantly.
Inheritance and development of every artist is the severe test and challenge."Overlord unloaded armor", "spring and autumn period" and so on works showed her the full years of study, as the depth and breadth in the pipa art, level and bright, finish madadayo in side side.
Zhao Jie precise performance received warm welcome by the audience and spoke highly of.She said: "in the form of a concert tour to promote and popularize pipa new works, deduce the traditional classic, strengthen the exchange and learning each other, let more people to like pipa art. Thank the Shanghai music institute accessorial middle school leaders, teachers and students to give care and help."